A blog about event management practices of the past and present

A blog about event management practices of the past and present


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The vital importance of getting things right first time when planning a promotional event for your.

Nowadays, just about any Tom, Dick or Harry has an event management business without knowing the basics of event management in the slightest. Event management is the name given to the principles and practices associated with planning, managing and staging special occasions. There are a great deal of important parts that make up event management, such as stage and logistic management, advertising, promotion, event evaluation and event reporting which all bring about a successful event.

Now, event management and event marketing are two different sides of the exact same coin. One simply cannot go without the other, so any firm or individual doing event management should think about marketing these events first.

The event management agency should work very closely with those representing the company for which they are managing the event as an expansion of that company's own marketing group. They will provide the focus required to manage each complex aspect of the event management process, leaving the rest of the company's staff totally free to concentrate on their core responsibilities.

Events might be considered to be national, social or personal events.

Social events: May include awards functions, fashion shows, music shows etc.
Personal occasions: For example, these might be marriage celebrations, birthday celebrations or any other type of personal celebrations.
National events: These might be national holidays or days of celebration like St. Patrick's Day or Easter, for example. They are thought of as important occasions by many people.

Putting on an occasion of a reasonable size is not at all a simple job. Such occasions call for appropriate preparation as well as knowledge. A specialist event manager or organiser needs to begin the job of organising the event at least a few months earlier. A professional coordinator will try to work with a number of sponsors to help towards the cost of the event. To be really clear, personal events probably are not going to need advertising. However, for social events like awards functions, fashion shows etc. as well as most events related to occasions of national importance appropriate marketing are required.

First actions to take to organise any event are to split the tasks into separate components, as demonstrated below.

1- In initial part there will be a team of experienced advertising people, that can find good sponsors for the event. Advertising is additionally a definite requirement for the success of the event.
2- Secondly, a group of individuals need to work on the venue where the event is to be hosted. The venue, date and time are all vital factors and are possibly just as essential as the promotion. The venue needs to be well suited for the size of the event and for those who will be attending, whether this is the public or a particular group of individuals. The date and time when the occasion is to take place are very crucial too. For example, you would want to avoid any possibility of the event clashing with any alternative events in the local area which might result in potential visitors not being able to attend the event.
3- The third component is rehearsing or practicing for the event. Basically trying to iron out any issues before the event itself. This may include dealing with people who are looking after any costumes or types of displays in addition to kinds of performances such as singing, dancing and so on. It is important that any performers carry out rehearsals enough times in order to iron out any issues and help to guarantee the success of the performance.
4- The last part is the selling of tickets to the audience for the event. Naturally, a lot of attention should be paid to the planning of correct safety and security measures. It is very essential to be able to regulate the whole group of those attending and to be able to guarantee the safety of everyone at the event.

If all these important functions come together, an extremely successful event is the outcome. Simply put, to make any kind of event a success the most important thing is proper planning, then everybody having the ability to follow through with the plan. With plenty of hard work and real teamwork any event can be a success.

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