A blog about event management practices of the past and present

A blog about event management practices of the past and present


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The importance of getting everything right first time when planning a promotional event for your.

Put extremely simply, event management is the application of project management to the production and development of large scale events such as festivals, conferences, major product launches, concerts and conventions. It entails researching the brand, recognising its target audience and the aims of the event, creating the event concept, as well as coordinating the technical elements before launching the event.

Now, event management and event marketing are 2 sides of the same coin. One simply cannot go without the other. Which means that any company or individual doing event management should consider marketing these events first.

The event management firm will work very closely with those representing the company for which they are managing the event as an extension of that company's own marketing group. They will offer the focus required to handle each complex element of the event management process, leaving the rest of the company's staff totally free to concentrate on their core responsibilities.

Events might be categorised as national, social or personal events, as listed below.

Social events: Can consist of awards functions, fashion shows, musical shows etc.
Personal events: These could be marriage functions, birthday parties or any other type of personal events or gatherings.
National events: National holidays or days of celebration like St. George's Day and Easter, for example. They are thought of as important occasions by many people.

Putting on an occasion of any reasonable size is not usually a simple task. Such events require a certain degree of preparation as well as experience. An expert event planner has to begin the job of organising the event a few months beforehand and for larger events much earlier than this. A professional planner will try to work with some sponsors to help towards the cost of the event. Of course, personal occasions most likely are not going to require marketing, but for social events like awards shows, fashion shows etc. as well as most national events proper sponsorship and advertising and marketing are going to be essential.

Preliminary steps to take to organise any event are to split everything into separate components, as per the following examples.

1- In initial part there will certainly need to be a team of skilled marketing people, that can find good sponsors for the event. Advertising is likewise a fundamental need for the success of an event.
2- Secondly, a team of individuals need to work on the venue where the event is to be held. The venue, date and time are all vital factors and are possibly just as essential as the marketing. The venue needs to be well suited for the size of the event and for those who will be attending.
3- The third part is rehearsing or practicing for the event. In other words trying to iron out any issues before the event itself. This may include dealing with people who are responsible for any outfits or kinds of displays in addition to sorts of performances such as singing, dancing etc. It is important that all performers have ample time to carry out rehearsals enough times in order to iron out any issues and guarantee the success of the event.
4- Lastly comes the marketing of tickets to the target audience for the event. In addition, attention should be paid to the preparation of appropriate safety measures. It is really essential to be able to manage the entire group of attendees and to be able to ensure the safety of everyone.

When all of these crucial functions are completed efficiently, a really effective event is the outcome. In short, to make any kind of occasion a success the most essential thing is planning, and afterwards everybody being able to follow through with the plan. With plenty of work as well as a true team effort any event can be a success.

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